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CytoSMART Webshop – Get the best equipment online!

What would you think if you could buy an innovative, high-tech microscope just as easy as buying a new pair of shoes? Or if you could buy an automated cell counter online, just as quick and simple as buying a new vacuum cleaner? Getting the best equipment for your Life Science research should be simple, right? That is what we thought.

CytoSMART stands for user friendly, affordable and high quality products for cell culture research. Although it is not common to purchase your microscope, cell counter or 96-well plate scanner online, we would like to challenge the status quo. From 2017 on, we will have a webshop to make it even easier to buy your cell counter, live cell imaging device and your 96 well plate scanner online. Getting your CytoSMART devices was never so easy. And next to that convenience, we still keep the personal contact, advice and help whenever you need us. We are here to make your work a bit easier.

Of course we know that you don’t always control the funds and that you cannot always pay due to administrative red tape. For those who can’t pay online with the company bank details, we offer you the option to pay on invoice. Just order your requested product, select ‘pay on invoice’ and we will send you the device. The invoice and payment will come later. It’s time to enjoy working with our smart, affordable and plug-and-play devices.

The best and most affordable devices, to help you with your research, should be available for everybody. And now they are. Shop online at cytosmart.com/webshop.



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