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The 4th industrial revolution

The 4th industrial revolution is the theme of the MedTech Forum in Brussels this week. A true convention for innovation and technique in the medical world. All the innovators of our industry are gathering in Belgium to learn, inspire and teach. Therefore, it's a true honour for CytoSMART that our CEO, Joffry Maltha, is invited to give a lecture about 'Design Thinking'.

Since the beginning of CytoSMART we have underlined the importance of co-creation. You can build the most amazing devices, tools and services, but if you do not listen well enough to your future customers, your product is destined to fail. It is easy to think your product will find customers, but then product development (R&D) and marketing has to walk hand in hand. Unfortunately, that is not the case most of the time. Even if your R&D and marketing departments are walking hand in hand, where is the potential or desired customer? Are you building devices, tools and services for your own ego or to actually contribute to something? Through out history we saw this with Minidisc (Sony) and Video2000 (Philips). But we could also see this phenomenon in the BioTech and Life Science industry. Amazing devices that can do 10 different things, but are not the best in what they should do. Then what was the idea?

In the blogarticle of Yves Morieux, he highlighted the other side of product development: happy employees to drive everybody to the best of their game. He explains that companies are facing growing complexity, declining productivity and a slump in employee satisfaction. But we can turn this around. When we work together with customers and employees and empower them to listen, teach, learn, innovate and cooperate, it’s amazing what products can be developed. And if you want succesful products, then don't forget the design.

During the MedTech Forum, Joffry Maltha will lecture all about co-creation, 'design thinking' and putting your customers first in R&D. Will you be there? Go to the website and register today.




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