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CytoSMART creates revolutionary cell counter


Zutphen (3th of August 2016) - After the succes of the CytoSMART Lux2 - the first automatic live cell imaging device that works within the incubator - CytoSMART comes with a new revolutionaire product: an automatic cell counter that costs only a fraction of manual counting.

At the moment, many laboratories around the world count cells manually or with automated cell counters. This creates costs in terms of both time and money. A manual count takes around 6 minutes to complete properly and most automated cell counters start their pricing around € 3.000, this does not even factor in the high quantity of disposables required over the years. When you add the purchase cost to the cost of disposables for automated cell counters, the total can go up to € 20.000 for just 3 years of cell counting.

CytoSMART has created a device that combines the best of two worlds: low costs and high performance. The CytoSMART Exact is an affordable, accurate and time saving device that counts cells within just a few seconds and does not lock you in with the need for proprietary CytoSMART branded slides, we give you the freedom to use any slides you may have available in your lab. Or device is a hassle free, plug and play solution for all your cell counting needs.

"We wanted to create a cell counter that is not only very accurate, but also easy to use. High usability for our customers because they already have so many other tasks and devices to operate, our device should not add to that stress. With this in mind, everything we do has to be very simple, but effective." - Joffry Maltha - CEO of CytoSMART Technologies.

We at CytoSMART Technologies aim to set ourselves apart from the competition in numerous ways, in order to show our customers that we strive to do more than just sell products! One of the ways we achieve this, is by providing the possibility to request a free 3 day trial to test the device in your lab, with your cells and at your convenience!


Request a trial
If you want a free trial, just go to the webpage of the CytoSMART Exact and request a demo for this revolutionary automatic cell counter. One of the product specialists will contact you to setup a trial. Al customized to your research / work in progress.







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